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We are transport law solicitors with considerable experience of operator licensing related public inquiries and other road transport issues. The road haulage industry is one of the most regulated industries in the European Union. The Traffic Commissioners and DVSA (formerly VOSA) are constantly keeping a watchful eye over a road transport operators’ track record. MOT performance and OCRS scores are used to benchmark a road transport operator’s performance against that of other road hauliers. How is your road haulier performance? Are you in danger of putting your road haulage business and operator’s licence at risk?

Dyne Solicitors, specialist transport lawyers, has many years experience of providing legal advice to road haulage operators to help them comply with the law and their operator’s licence obligations. When things go wrong, and operators face prosecution or a disciplinary Public Inquiry, we are there to legally represent, defend in court, mitigate in court or provide consultancy services, to ensure road transport operators avoid prosecution and disciplinary public inquiries.

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Directors and business owners sometimes have to wear many hats. We know what that is like because we are a business too.

The law is complex and can sometimes bite you hard if you don’t treat it, the system and regulatory authorities with respect. Civil Disputes and claims may also require specialist legal input and advice to ensure you get the desired results and you don’t get unexpected surprises.

We are happy to talk to you, on a no obligation basis, so you can assess whether you need our help or not. We specialise in the defence of road transport related prosecutions (overloads, driver’s hours, no operator’s licence etc.), as well as disciplinary Public Inquiries before the Traffic Commissioners¬†and their Deputies. Our Commercial Litigation and Business Law team will also be able to advise you on those litigious or commercial issues that may come your way from time to time too.

Case Studies

Mr Terence Cronley, of OPLAS Transport Consultancy based in South Cheshire says:

“Not long after starting the Consultancy the need to have a relationship with a legal practice who understood the needs of both the transport industry & other related areas which we work in became clear, both for ourselves & for our customers. After a long detailed look at the most suitable candidates, with both the experience & knowledge required, it soon became clear that one practice stood out, that being Dyne Solicitors.

For us to be able to call on Dyne Solicitors, a very respected firm in transport circles, only adds to the service that we can provide to our current & future customers.

In my dealings with Jared Dunbar I have found him not only approachable and friendly but also very capable. The high level of service and quality of work they provide is indicative of what I have come to expect from Dyne Solicitors.

I would recommend Dyne Solicitors to anyone in the transport industry, as they are very thorough and knowledgeable.”


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